Lord Someswara

Shrine of lord SomeswaraSri Someswara Janardhana swamy which is considered as one of the Pancharama Kshetras is situated here. The main contribution for temple construction was made by the King Chalukya Bheema. The Shiva lingam is called someshwara as it is believed that this lingam has been installed by Lord Chandra. The colour of the linga is believed to change during full moon day and Amavasya.

Over and above the Garbhalayam, Goddess Annapurna temple is situated, which is the speciality of this temple and cannot be seen anywhere else in India. This resembles the fact that Lord Shiva holds the Goddess Ganga on his head.

To the South of the Garbha Gruham, Goddess Adilakshmi can be seen and wedding hall at ground and first floor are constructed. Marriages are conducted both in the new hall and also in Goddess Annapurna mantapam.

To the East side of this temple, there is a Pushkarini pond which is also called Soma Gundam. Inside the temple, Lord Anjaneya Swamy, God Kumara Swamy, Navagraha, Sun God, Lord Ganesha can also be seen. In front of the main entrance, 15ft pillar is constructed. The temple timings are from 5.00am to 11.00am and 4.00pm to 8.00pm.

Main temple of lord SomeswaraPancharama is the name given to those five temples which are dedicated to Lord Shiva. These places are distributed over three districts, East Godavari, West Godavari and Guntur of Andhra Pradesh in India. All Hindus consider visiting these temples as very sacred. Pancha means five and Aarama is peace. Aarama is something related to Buddhism which is actually aims at pleasant state of mind. So Pancharama means five pleasant and peaceful places. There are two stories related to Pancharama temples. One story related to Pancharama temples is in Bheemeshwara Puranam written by Shree Nathudu. The Story goes like this... Devatas and Asuras (Rakshasas) stirr the sea to get nectar (Amrit). After getting the Amrit, Devatas meet Lord Vishnu to avoid distributing the nectar to Asuras as it may lead to problems. Lord Vishnu takes the birth as Mohini and distributes Amruth only to Devtas. Asuras get angry and worship Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva gets satisfied by their worship and blesses Asuras with lot of powers. With these powers Asuras start torturing people and Devtas. Again Devtas worship Lord Shiva to avoid this. Lord Shiva gets angry and starts punishing Asuras. During this war, a Shivalingam worshipped by Thripurasura (Tripurasura) remains un damaged even though all Asuras die. Lord Shiva (Mahadeva) makes this Lingam into five pieces and makes this installed in five different places. These five places (Prathishtapana) are now famous as Pancharama.

Idole of SomeswaraThe second story begins from Hiranya Kashipu and his son Simuchi. The son of Simuchi, Tharakasura worships Lord Shiva and gets his Atma Linga. Then, Tharakasura starts troubling people and Devatas. As per blessings, Tharakasura dies only by a boy. Devatas go to Lord Shiva to find solution for finding a solution to punish Tharakasura. Lord Kumara Swamy Avtar thus happens and and boy kills Tharakasura. After when Tharakasura dies, the Athmalinga gets divided into five. Each one gets installed by Devatas in five different places. These places are called Pancharama Kshetras. Below are the details of Pancharama Kshetras and the five faces of Lord Shiva

  • Amararama is installed at Amaravati in Guntur district of Andhrapradesh. The name of Lord Shiva is Amareshwarudu and considered incarnated as, Aghorarupam, installed by Lord Indra.
  • Draksharama located at Draksharamam in East Godavari District of Andhrapradesh. The lord Eshwara is called Bhimeshwarudu (Daksharama) and seen as Thatpurusha Mukha Swarupam.
  • Kumararama is available in Samalkot, East Godavari District of Andhra Pradesh. The temple is called with same name as Daksharamam - Bheemeshwarudu. But Lord Shiva is seen here as Vamadeva Mukha Swaroopam. This Shiva linga is installed by Kumara Swamy.
  • Somarama is at Bheemavaram situated in West Godavari district of Andhrapradesh. Lord Eswara is called Someshwarudu (Somarama) in this temple and considered as Sadyojatha Mukha Swarupam, Siva linga is installed by Lord Chandra.
  • Ksheeraramam is situated at Palakollu, West Godavari Districtof Andhra Pradesh. Rama Lingeshwarudu (Kshirarama) is the name given to the Lingam installed in this place and Lord shiva is Eshanya Mukha Swarupam, installed by Sri Rama.

There is a saying that all these temples are installed by Gods (Devatas) and visiting all in one day (especially during Karthika Masam, i.e., during November-December month) is very sacred. During this season special bus arrangement is made by APSRTC (Andhra Pradesh Road Transport corporation) to visit all the temples in one day. Contact any of the nearby APSRTC offices for details during these months.

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