Municipal Engineer : Sri. D.Sri Ramachandra Murthy.

Dy.Municipal Engineer :

Assistant Executive Engineer and Assistant Engineers
Name of the EngineerName of the Work Inspectors allottedNature of Works & Wards allotted
Sri P.R.C.Praveen
Assistant Executive Engineer
Sri. V.Veera Swamy, Class-IV PWI
Sri. T.S.Gandhi, Class-IV PWI
All Grant and General Civil Works in 1st to 15th wards and Incharge of the Drawing Branch on working arrangements.
Sri. V.V. Siva Koteswara Rao
Assistant Engineer-I
Sri M.Satyanarayana Raju, PWI
Sri M.Ranga Raju, Class-IV PWI
All Grant and General Civil Works in 16th to 18th & 23rd to 28th wards, and all civil works at H.W.W. and all works regarding office maintenance except electrical.
Sri. T.V.Narayana Rao
Assistant Engineer-II
Sri. G.V. Subba Raju,PWI
Sri. M. Markandeya Raju, Class-IV PWI
All Grant and General Civil Works in 29th to 39th wards, and IDSMT works, and Finalization of Proposals under UIDSSMT & IHSDP Schemes, ILCS.
Sri. B.Kubiya
Assistant Engineer (W/S)
Water Supply out door staff.All Grant and General Civil Works in 19th to 22nd wards, Town Water Supply, including Clear Water Pumping Mains of SR-I,II,III, and other ELSRs, and maintenance of Water Tankers and all Vehicles, 12th Finance Works and One Time Special Grant Works
Sri A. Madhusudhana Rao
Assistant Engineer(Elec)
H.W.W. Staff and Street Lighting Staff.Town Street Lighting, Maintenance of H.W.W., Electrical related works & Maintenance of Phones of BMC.



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