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Bhimavaram was controlled by the Chola Empire. Under Kulothunga Chola I, Bhimavaram was ruled by his sons who served as viceroys. Various stone inscriptions have been found in the city dating from his reign (c. 1096 C.E.).It was said that Chalukya Bheema laid foundation and constructed a siva temple that is present Gunupudi siva temple Somaramam. It is one of the five siva temples also called as Pancharamas.

Bhimavaram was the site of several protests during the Salt Satyagraha Movement. It played a major role in the freedom movement, during the rule of British empire in India. The taluka office in the bhimavaram is a witness of freedom movement since 1887.

Bhimavaram is also called the "Second Bardoli of India". Mahatma Gandhi coined the name when he visited the town during the freedom movement in India.


Bhimavaram is the largest town in West Godavari District Andhra Pradesh state, India. It is head Quarters of the Bhimavaram Mandalam. The town is located on the junction of Nidadavole – Narasapuram and Gudivada – Bhimavarm Broad Gauge section of the South Central Railway. It also lies on Pamarru – Palakol National High Way No.214. It’s location on the Geographical sphere is at latitude 160 35’ North and longitude 810 31’ East.

The Municipality was constituted in the year 1948 as third grade Municipality and Upgraded as Selection Grade Municipality in the year 2011. The Municipality was spread over 25.60sq.km. with a population of 1,42,317 as per the 2011 Census.


The town is located on the costal belt and falls with in the hot humid region of the country. The climate of this region is generally hot in summer with 450C as maximum and 180C as minimum in the year. The average rain fall records to 100cm. The air is humid through out the year ranges from 45% to 55% in the afternoon. Storm and depressions originates in the Bay of Bengal during the post monsoon season.


The Bhimavaram Town is located in the middle of the Godavari Delta region and Agro based economy. It is one of the important trade center of Paddy in Andhra Pradesh. The Agro base industries like food processing, Prawn Culture, Rice Mills etc., are the main industries. The Town serves as distribution center as well as commercial center, to its hinterland. The town becomes the regional center for higher education and specialized health services.



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